This document describes the organization of the BigScience project as a one-year long workshop with a set of collaborative tasks centered in part around the French Jean Zay supercomputing facility. The document describes the committees and answers some specific questions around the roles and access to compute facilities.

Organization - committees

The workshop and collaborative tasks involve:

Given the scope of the questions discussed in the workshop as well as the shared task, these committees can be larger and slightly more organized than usual.

Beside the committees detailed below, the workshop currently has as “General Chair”, Thomas Wolf who, together with Stéphane Requena and Pierre-François Lavallée from GENCI and IDRIS, was the early driving force behind the general idea of building an open collaboration inspired by the CERN/LHC. More generally, the project was strongly defined by the set founding members in its early days as detailed above in the Origin section.

Steering committees

The members of the steering committee are informed regularly of the evolution of the workshop and the collaborative tasks.

The steering committee is composed of two sub-committees:

Organization Committee

The organization committee is comprised of several working groups:

List and updated details here: BigScience - Working Groups